Baby portrait: a clean and simple edit in Lightroom

I am lucky enough to be the mother of this little cutie. I wanted to create a simple but yet impactful child portrait of my two kids. The eldest was not really keen to be photographed but my little one obliged.

I shot this image at a large aperture - f/2.0 and with a plain background as I wanted a fine art portrait look. I took several images, and even if the focus of this one is a bit soft for my taste I did go ahead and edit this specific photograph over “better” ones because here he is sucking his fingers… and that is how I want to portray him at this age.

Here is my Lightroom Edit:

  • removed blemishes with the spot tool

  • removed under eye shadow with the brush tool

  • darkened the shadows and added a bit of warmth to his skin

  • did a bit of dodge and burn

  • added clarity and sharpness to his eyes and mouth

  • and finally, added a bit of texture to his hair.

Hope you enjoy this before and after!

Stella LebelComment