Storytellers Blog Circle | March

I am part of a Storytellers blog circle, where documentary family photographers across many countries, gather each month and explain the choices they have made to create one image.


This is a photograph of my son, happily enjoying a swing. I like this image because of the moment, "He is happy, and smiling", which make this a strong image, but I also use other tools to add more to its composition.

The light falls nicely on the most important part of the image:  his face, and on other children behind him. That's the story, my son having fun in a busy playground.

People in the background are included to show the busyness of the place, and show that it is really a place of fun.

The lady on the left give a nice frame to my subject and also balance the picture. The patterns of her outfits catch our eyes as it echoes with the stripes of my son's legging. So even if she has more weight in the picture, she helps our eyes to go back to the main subject in the image.

Equipment & Settings: Fuji x100f - 23mm, ISO 1250, f/4,5, 1/250


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