Storytellers Blog Circle | April

I am part of a Storytellers blog circle, where documentary family photographers across many countries, gather each month and explain the choices they have made to create one image.


This is a photograph of my son walking (not jumping for a change !) in a puddle. I am in the last month of my pregnancy and I still try to get outside with him as much as I possibly can, Rain or Shine. The good thing with rainy days, is the puddles it creates, and all the possibilities offered with reflection. 

I have flipped the original image upside down so that his reflected image is the first thing to be seen. By turning this image in black and white, the color is not a distraction anymore - my son's is wearing a yellow coat with red trousers ! - but the grey scale brings a more artistic feeling to this image. 

I see my son looking at himself in a sky full of stars.

Equipment & Settings: Fuji x100f - 23mm, ISO 200, f/5, 1/320


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